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2015 College Football Bowl Season Recap

With the New Year’s Day college football marathon coming to a conclusion, I have a few thoughts as I try to shake off the football fog and return to normal. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to hold both College Football Playoff semi-final games on New Year’s Eve? While Clemson/Oklahoma and Alabama/Michigan State made for enticing games, hosting them on  the biggest party night of the year seemed ill-timed at best. I wonder how many wives […]

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Cavs Await Winner of Western Conference Finals

I have never been a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. Professional basketball seemed to lose it’s luster after the Bill Russell, John Havlicek, Boston Celtic dynasty days. Oh yeah, there was Larry Legend, Magic and even Michael to create cause for the occasional NBA game to be caught on television, but pro basketball just didn’t seem to get to me. Don’t get me wrong, I think that professional basketball players are the greatest athletes on earth. They are larger, stronger, run faster […]

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Inaugural College Football Playoffs Feature Tide, Ducks, Noles & Bucks

It ain’t the Super Bowl, but it’s close. After years of argument and consternation, the NCAA, the television networks and the college bowl alliances agreed that a college football playoff system had to be established to decide a clear-cut winner for college football. Television was offering huge amounts of money as deep-pocket Fortune 500 corporations lined up to fork over millions of dollars for advertisement time for the top teams in college football to meet in an end-of-the- season playoff. […]

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